Self-taught craftsman and ex-herdsman Harry McDougall is "Animal Signs". We have 25 years experience bringing out cattle for show and sale - and over 30 years experience in producing signs and show boxes as Animal Signs. Click here to see Harry's feature in the Farmers Guardian.


Harry McDougall specialises in handcrafted, made to order banners, house signs, farm signs, show boards, show boxes.


Whilst Harry's farm and house signs can be found at properties and business across the UK, the aluminum show boards and PVC banners of pedigree livestock are often put up around holding pens at shows. The banners are in great demand for pens of show sheep, as they create a barrier to reduce the chance of cross infection.


 The images are painted in a special 'One Shot' enamel, which is imported from the USA by a London based supplier. The signs are highly durable as the artwork is protected using yacht varnish in the final stages.